All prescriptions in our period specific classics, Barbary Coast originals, fountain sodas, and pharmacy prescriptions sections are composed with care in the Devil's own apothecarium.


Some of the Devil's favorites.... 

The Golden Era

Gin, Applejack, Dry Vermouth, Lemon, Orchard Syrup, Aromatic Bitters.

Vermouth, an aromatized fortified wine, dates back to ancient Greece from around 400 BC. A popular ingredient was wormwood, based on the belief it was effective at treating stomach disorders and intestinal parasites. The use of vermouth as a medicinal liquor waned by the end of the 18th century, but it gained popularity in Italy & France as an aperitif. The advent of the cocktail in the late 19th century, found a new use for vermouth.


Call a Treuse

Green Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse, Dry Vermouth, lemon, Vanilla Syrup, Egg Whites, Gold Rush Bitters, Thyme. 

As in all monasteries, at A La Grande Chartreuse there was an apothecary, Brother Ferome Maubec, who served the medicine needs of the monastery and the residents of the local area with remedies made with local herbs, plants, spices and other ingredients. Brother Mauber undertook the task of unraveling the ancient manuscript's complex directions for compounding the "Elixir of Long Life". Brother Antoine completed the translation of the recipe in 1737 and the monks became the distillers of this medicinal elixir.